Bangladesh Bank has declared credit rating of commercial banks mandatory and to be conducted by recognized rating agencies. The current rating has been done by Credit Rating Information and Services Limited (CRISL) on the basis of audited financial statements of FY 2015-2018 and other available quantitative and qualititative information up to the date of rating declaration. The affirmed rating reflects the strengths of the bank which is backed by its support from the government being a government owned bank, dynamic guidance of the Board of Directors, experienced management, good liquidity position, good market share, diversified earnings and country-wide network of branches.

1 Credit Rating- 2022
2 Credit Rating- 2021
3 Credit Rating- 2020
4 Credit Rating- 2019
5 Credit Rating- 2018
6 Credit Rating- 2017
7 Credit Rating- 2016
8 Credit Rating- 2015
9 Credit Rating- 2014
10 Credit Rating- 2013
11 Credit Rating- 2012
12 Credit Rating- 2011