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2012-09-25 Instruction Circular No. 404/12 Regarding: 3% Panal interest on overdew LTR & LDBP Download
2012-09-20 Instruction Circular No. 402/12 Regarding: Enhancement of monthly Bank's Subscription from 25% to 40% of Basic Salary Towards Janata Bank Employees Super Annuation Fund Download
2012-09-19 Instruction Circular No. 401/12 Regarding: Opening account to accept donation for developing Padma Bridge Download
2012-09-04 Instruction Circular No. 400/12 Write off Information of Agriculture, Rural, Handloom, Microcredit, consumers loan without case which value less 50,000/- and others loan with case Download
2012-08-22 Instruction Circular No. 398/12 Regarding: Receive of admission fee in Dhaka University in any Branch and Sending information of money receipt from applicant to FRD, H.O. Dhaka Download
2012-08-12 Instruction Circular No. 397/12 Regarding: Recognition of Alpha Credit Rating Limited (ACRL) Download
2012-08-08 Instruction Circular No. 395/12 Regarding: Submission of Cash Transaction Report (CTR) Download
2012-07-25 Instruction Circular No. 394/12 Regarding: Ratio of Source Tax collection as per Rule 52, 52R, 53BB, 53BBBB, 53DDD, 53F of Income Tax Ordinance - 1994 in accordance with Finance Act - 2012 Download
2012-07-25 Instruction Circular No. 391/12 Regarding: Green Banking Policy Download
2012-07-22 Instruction Circular No. 390/12 Regarding: VAT Collection Guide Lines for commission, fee or chargws collection against service provided to Exporters and other customers Download
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