Guideline for Contributors

Guideline for Contributors


  • Manuscripts of Article, and also manuscripts of Note should preferably be arranged in the following sequence: Title; Author’s name; Abstract; Keywords; Introduction; Objective; Methodology; Discussion; Conclusion; Footnotes (If any), Appendix Table(s) and Appendix Figure(s) and References.

  • For Review Articles and Book Review, the above sequence is not necessary. Author of review article may send one copy of the review to the author of the original article being reviewed to give him/her scope to respond with a request to send the response regarding the review directly to the editor of the journal.

  • a. Citation of reference(s) in the text should follow author – date style: author (date) and (author date). Cited reference(s) must be presented in the reference list. Examples are respectively: Bernard (1989) followed the approach to study the behavior of rice market. In West Bengal, money leaders are major sources of agricultural credit (Ghatak, 1983).

    b. Various parts of reference – author’s name, title, publisher, year of publication etc. should be written respectively as: For article: Bardhan, P. L. and A. Rudra (1978), “Intralikage of Labour and Credit Relation,” Economic and Political Weekly, 13:367-84. For a writing in edited book: Gallman, R. E. (1987), “Investment Flows and Capital in the Nineteenth Century” in Engerman, S. L. and R. E. Gallman, eds., Long Term Factors in American Economic Growth, University of Chicago, Chicago. For a book: PhD Thesis or research-based study published by WB, IMF, ADB, OECD etc. or national prestigious organizations: North, D. C. (1981), Structure and Change in Economic History, Norton, New York UNCTAD (1998), World Investment Report, UNCAD. For working paper/discussion paper/report/seminar or conference paper etc.: Arrow K. J. (1985), “The Economics of Agency” discussion paper 451, Stamford University, Department of Economics, Stamford, Calif. For Planning Documents, Statistical Publications, Booklets of rules and regulations, Acts etc.: Bangladesh Bank (2010), Economic Trends, July. Reserve Bank of India (1997), Annual Report 1996-97, RBI, Mumbai.

  • Manuscript should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere or has not been published in whole or part earlier.

  • Opinions and comments expressed in the writings are the responsibility of the authors.

  • The editorial board reserves the right to, if provisionally accepted for publication, revise a paper by deleting some part, adding some information/ rephrasing some expressions or the board may ask the author to revise the paper along these lines. Though double-blind peer-review process is followed in selecting articles, the editorial board reserves the right to publish or not to publish an article irrespective of the reviewers’ recommendation.

  • A quotation of more than fifty words in the text should be written as a double indented paragraph.

  • An article should have an abstract of not more than 200 words on top of the text. The abstract should state briefly the objective and principal results/findings and conclusion. Reference(s) and abbreviations should be avoided in the abstract.

  • A token honorarium of BDT 10,000.00 will be paid for each published article.

  • Article not accepted for publish is not returned to the author. Each author will receive two complimentary copies of the journal and ten offprints.

  • a. Articles should be addressed to the Managing Editor, Janata Bank Journal of Money, Finance and Development. Research, Planning and Statistics Department, Janata Bank Limited, Head Office, 110, Motihjeel Commercial Area, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh, Phone: (88 02) 7115619. email:

    b. Author’s name, address and telephone number should be given to the Managing Editor.