According to 234th meeting of the Board of Directors held on 12.06.2012, a decision was taken to build up an e-library in Janata Bank Limited. And therefore, task of building the library namely Janata Bank e-library is progressing fast. E-Library refers to all the library resources that are available online through computers and databases. This library is different from open internet, as they have restricted access. We need our ID and password to access many of the online library resources.

Scope :

  • Managing Library Members
  • Issuing and Receiving Books
  • Report Generation System
  • Search Books

Main Content of Janata Bank e-Library:

  • Text Books information
  • eJournal
  • eBook
  • eMagazine
  • All Publication
  • News Clipping
  • Archive Video
  • All Circular
  • Balance Sheet

Type of information stored in Janata Bank e-library:

  • Banking
  • Financial management
  • International finance
  • Financial policy and regulation
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial accounting
  • Annual report
  • Economical Books
  • Management Books
  • Occasional Papers
  • Seminar Volumes
  • Departmental Papers
  • Special Issues
  • Technical Notes and Manuals
  • Pamphlets


  • Book Reservation System
  • Book Issuing System
  • Different type Searching Procedure
  • Downloading System
  • Email alert System