Online Banking

Online Banking

To protect environment by reducing paper and fuel dissipate, carbon emission Janata Bank Limited introduces online banking service to its customers. Janata Bank Limited also uses its own secured web-site for multipurpose communication.

Online Activities:

Parallel introduction of real time online core banking system

Parallel introduction of Real Time Online Core Banking is in progress. In this regard, the Central Data Center (CDC) & Disaster Recovery System (DRS) have been established. Moreover, network system has been established between CDC & DRS and 908 important branches of Janata Bank Limited including head office departments for online banking system. Real time online banking has been introduced in 174 branches during 2014.

10 (ten) IT Maintenance & Support Cells have been established at 10 Divisional Offices of the Bank. Each Support Cell has been accomplished with IT personnel.

Information On-line:

OMIS, a web based application programme, has been introduced to ensure proper and regular monitoring of the Bank's business. All branches have to submit updated information about their business in the OMIS form floated in the website in weekly and monthly basis. It facilitates branches, controlling offices and management authority taking decision easily by monitoring the overall position of the Bank.

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