Other Services / Activities

Other Services and Activities

  • DD, TT, MT, pay orders and issuance of SDR.
  • Q-Cash network of debit and credit cards offer the advantage of Janata Bank Limited.
  • Locker rental / facilities provided.
  • Sanchaypatra sales and cashing.
  • Purchase and sale of prize bonds.
  • Students who wish to study abroad for students open the file.
  • Dollar, Euro and Pound, etc. endorsement and issuance of traveler's checks.
  • Receive Traveler's tax.
  • TV, VCR, STVR and satellite TV license issue / renewal.
  • Procurement of food price paid by the government.
  • Development of the land tax.
  • Receive Money of Hajj
  • Receive Zakat Fund.
  • Lottery ticket sales.
  • The official opening of accounts for the collection of natural disaster.