Scheme Deposit

Under this scheme Janata Bank offers various deposit schemes following monthly savings plan suitable for all classes of people and continue depositing to complete the respective tenor.

    Main requirements for opening a Scheme Deposit Account:
  • Account Opening Form to be duly filled up and submitted to the concerned branch of Janata Bank along with three copies of passport sized recent photograph of the applicant's duly attested.
  • Monthly fixed deposit is required for opening of the A/c.
  • Account may also be opened in the name of a minor which has to be operated by the minor's guardian.
  • An account in the name of an illiterate person can also be opened which is to be operated by the account holder's thumb impression. For each and every transaction of the Account the illiterate account holder has to present himself/herself before the concerned branch officials.
  • All required information and papers as per terms mentioned in the Account Opening Form
  • Interest for the Account is applied in December on monthly product basis.
    Pre tenor encashment benefit:
  1. If you need money, you can take loan from the bank at the bank’s terms and condition.
  2. In case of pre tenor encashment of the scheme, you can still get attractive benefit.

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Condition: Government tax and excise duty are applicable

  • Janata Bank Double Benefit Scheme (JBDBS)
  • Janata Bank Monthly Benefit Scheme (JBMBS)
  • Janata Bank School Banking Savings Activities
  • Deposit Pension Scheme (DPS)
  • Janata Bank Savings Pension Scheme (JBSPS)
  • Medical Deposit Scheme (MDS)
  • Janata Bank Education Deposit Scheme (JBEDS)
  • Janata Bank Special Deposit Scheme (JBSDS)
  • Janata Bank Masik Amanat Prakalpa (JBMAPra)
  • Janata Bank Deposit Scheme (JBDS)
  • Non-Resident Pension Scheme (NRPS)
  • দুগ্ধ উৎপাদন ও কৃত্রিম প্রজনন খাতে পুনঃঅর্থায়ন স্কীম
  • Retirement Savings Scheme (RSS)
  • Janata Bank Retirement Savings Scheme (JBRSS)
  • Continuous Benefit Account (CBA)
  • Janata Bank Monthly Savings Scheme (JBMSS)

Janata Bank Double Benefit Scheme (JBDBS)

Rate of Interest9.34%-9.34 (Double in 8 (eight) years)%
Installment Type
Related CircularInstruction Circular No- 323/11