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2012-05-28 Instruction Circular No. 376/12 Half Yearly Closing for 30.06.12 Download
2012-04-26 Instruction Circular No. 371/12 Reg: Exchange of New/Re-issue notes among Public & Customer through Schedule/Commercial Bank Download
2012-03-29 Instruction Circular No. 362/12 Regarding: Web based spot cash of 'Merchandtrade Asia Sdn Bhd, Malaysia' Download
2012-03-04 Instruction Circular No. 354/12 Regarding: Interest rate of Deposit and Advance Download
2012-01-09 Instruction Circular No. 340/12 Regarding - Collection of the bank loan breach information of Candidates who willing to participate in the election Download
2012-05-03 Instruction Circular No. 372/12 Reg: Interest Rate of FDR Download
2012-06-27 Information Circular No. 121/12 Reg: Re-construction of Organizational structure of Janata bank Limited and Creation of new Area Offices and Departments of Head Office and Upgradation of Area Offices and Branches Download
2012-10-18 Information Circular No : 129/12 Regarding: Upgradation of 4 AGM headed area office to DGM headed area office and 18 Grade-1 branch to Corporate-2 branch Download
2012-10-15 Information Circular No. 128/12 Regarding - Amendment of Family savings policy, 2009 Download
2012-10-11 Information Circular No : 127/12 Regarding: Honorarium for 1st & 2nd part of 75th(Summer) Banking Diploma exam. May-2012 Download
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